Trail, Rossland & Area, BC

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Trail, Rossland & Area – where industry & lifestyle meet!

Spectacular setting? Check. Storied history? Check. Great local services? Check. Incredible outdoor recreation? Check. Affordable? Check.

Our communities have your lifestyle needs met. But what sets this area apart?

Trail, Rossland and Area is where industry and lifestyle meet. Whether it’s finding the job of your dreams, or finding your niche and starting a business, there’s a spot for you here.

Historically, the metallurgical smelting industry was an integral part of the economy; Trail is home to the world’s largest lead and zinc smelter. More recently, hydroelectricity has become another major industry.

Forestry, metallurgy and hydroelectricity continue to be the backbone of our communities, but new sectors are opening up and providing a modern advantage to traditional industries. Advanced materials processing is growing in importance for providing alternatives to traditional materials (ex. Bioplastic instead of petroleum plastics), and essential building blocks of modern electronics. Industrial recycling and Industrial Internet of Things are two sectors revolutionizing the efficiency of mainstream industries and contributing to a greener economy. These are just a few examples of the way industry in Trail, Rossland and Area is modernizing and innovating! You can bring your innovative ideas and make them a reality right here.

And for those who are into recreation, why not build your business around your lifestyle? With an established reputation and growing tourism industry, this is the perfect setting to take your favourite recreational activity, share it with others, and make a living!

The area is serviced by the regional hospital making it a centre for other medical service providers. Your health needs will be met here! And what about education? Our communities have schools from K-12, and Selkirk College provides post-secondary and community education. If you’re looking to augment your resumé or just looking to learn something new, they offer a range of courses and programs across disciplines from Fine Arts to Digital Fabrication.

So imagine yourself in Trail, Rossland and Area! We’re offering unique opportunities to build the life you’re looking for. For more information, call Rebecca at 250-364-6461 or email ac.cicl@sdrahcirr

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Contact Information

Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation
1355 Pine Avenue
Trail, BC V1R 4E7
Ph: 250-364-6461

Lower Columbia Community Development Team Society
1355 Pine Avenue
Trail, BC V1R 4E7
Ph: 250-364-6461

Trail Chamber of Commerce
1199 Bay Avenue
Trail, BC V1R 4A4
Ph: 250-368-3144

City of Trail
1394 Pine Avenue
Trail, BC V1R 2T7

City of Rossland
1899 Columbia Avenue
Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0

Community Futures of Greater Trail
825 Spokane Street
Trail, BC V1R 3W4

Tourism Rossland
1960 Columbia Ave,
Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0