New Billboard: Imagine Kootenay Increases Brand Profile!

Those of you living and traveling through the Columbia Valley may have already noticed the new addition to the promotional landscape, but for those of you who’ve yet to see it, Imagine Kootenay is in full colour and living large… to reflect the dreams of the many passers by!

The Imagine Kootenay billboard has recently been erected just north of the Invermere Crossroads and is providing the brand significantly greater exposure. With the consolidation bringing Invest Kootenay and Work West Kootenay together earlier this year, the billboard is expected to increase the profile of the new Imagine Kootenay brand, the slogan, “Love it here? Live here!” effectively telling the story.

Billboard conveys effectively that life is better in the Koots!

Susan Clovechok, Executive Director of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce and Jessica Fairhart, Program Manager, Imagine Kootenay, pictured beneath the new addition, are clearly living the message! As integral players in organizations geared to promoting the many opportunities to work and live in the Kootenays, they are keenly aware of the diverse ways a life, both personal and professional, can be created anywhere in the region.

Given the abundant traffic typical of the stretch of highway the billboard inhabits, the eye catching imagery and language should be effective in getting folks thinking. It’s not unusual for folk from Alberta and Saskatchewan to visit the region frequently, packing up to go home with a sense of longing and regret at having to leave. This new signage should twig some reflection, pull at the heartstrings, inspire more fully their dreams of relocating to the Kootenays and how much more possible than ever before it is to make those dreams a reality.

Working to attract skilled workers, the new advertising showcases our area as a place of diverse opportunity.

With benefits such as high speed fibre Internet, a business and startup friendly culture and unlimited recreation just outside the front door, the Kootenays are chock full of opportunity. From remote working, at home or at one of the many co-working spaces cropping up around the region to brick and mortar opportunities, there is an work-life balance that is entirely achievable in any of the communities comprising the Kootenays, east or west.

Imagine Kootenay helps facilitate that end. The messages, “Your Better Life” and “Love it here? Live here!” sum it up beautifully and now, with far greater visibility – a big, bold reminder of what you may be missing!

And… is well within your reach.