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Eco Friendly Family Clothing line

This is an amazing opportunity for any seamstress, designer, creative fiber artist stay at home mom wanting to work part time from home while raising kids (that’s how it began for me) Fashion school graduate!!
This has served me well for 20 years it has been a hearts art and labor of love that supported me and my family for many years! There are so many templates put in to place that took years to build figure out and master like size templates, design ideas fits and flows, a web site, FB page, Instagram page whole sale buyers, fabric purchasing connections, tags, labels, tons of graphic design files and photo shoot files for designs. Professionally drafted patterns all graded for you to sew or ready for a manufacturer (if you choose that) Manufactory connections.
I am selling the whole studio with high end sewing machine, serger, cover lock machine, grand cutting table, shelving, thread spool racks, Silk screen images and ink, threads, fabric all extra tags and lables , tons of patterns and so much more details sewing stuff.
I am more then happy to do a bit of business coaching to get the new business owner some help to get going there are so many options with this clothing line it can go so many different ways! My sales has always been abundant and successful and I got a lot of important details all ironed out I wish I knew when I got started that took years to figure out and get perfected so I would say there is a great foundation here for anyone getting started in this field of work that I do to have great success! The last 7 years I ran it as a custom sew business and market festival business and there is a lot of demand for custom made products epically in the clothing business!

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Price: $35,000
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