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Film Processing Lab for sale!

Lightercyde Film Lab is a community-based film processing service and retail business. Equipment and online systems for sale only. High profit margins on services. Established in 2018, the lab has witnessed rapid growth of the global analog photography industry. Film photography culture, once thought to be dead and gone, is experiencing a resurgence like that of vinyl records and other analog art forms—this is a booming market, and not a short-term one. Kodak and Fuji are re-introducing film stocks that they had previously discontinued, and scores of other film companies are popping up left and right.

Industry connections have been built, all you need to do is pick up the equipment, set up and run it. Training will be provided to ensure easy transition for new owners in both equipment usage and marketing strategy.

This lab receives a lot of attention: we have run a couple of youth workshops in collaboration with the Civic Theatre, we have had two articles published in the paper and one radio interview, and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Jason Mannings is currently producing a documentary piece on the lab. We would love to see someone take the torch and carry it up and up and up, as its potential is huge. The equipment alone is worth the list price of the business; the awesome website, recognizable branding, growing social media accounts, and thriving customer base are the cherry on top.

Date Posted:
Nelson, BC
Price: $9,500
Opportunity Type:
Buying a Business
2524B Perrier Lane, Nelson, BC, V1L7C3
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