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Industrial Sewing in the Marine Industry

Invitation opportunity, for anyone to come to the Kootenay’s who is already skilled at the Marine trade of Upholstery or Customized Boat Top business. There is also an offering of training to any local resident interested in learning this trade. It is a specialized service in lake country where boating is prevalent. In the entire East/West Kootenay region, there is a void and an approaching urgency as the present business owners are ageing out. It is a hands on business with the boats having to be brought to the premise of work. I am offering some basic mentorship and training in both skills for anyone interested in starting this seasonal lifestyle type business. We are especially encouraging the younger generation to acquire funding for this trade, as entrepreneurs, ether for their own start up business or as an employee for a local Marina or boat Mechanic shop. Industrial Sewing is a skill that can be learnt, yet having an eye for design, customer engagement, and work ethic to follow through, seem to be more valuable requirements. Mastering a craft or trade can be a very satisfying, authentic way to earn a living in the Kootenay’s.

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Nelson, BC
Price: 15,000
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Buying a Business

5935 Stafford Road, Nelson, BC, V1L6P3
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