Kokanee Peaks Interiors & Restorations

Kokanee Peaks Interiors & Restorations is an interior design centre with three divisions: drywall, flooring, and cabinets. The unique ability of Kokanee Peaks Interiors to work at any stage of design and construction offsets it from any would be competitors. With a wide range of products and a specialized product line Kokanee Peaks Interiors & Restorations services not only the Nelson area, but Crawford bay, Creston, Grand Forks and everywhere in between. This construction based business is a one stop shop, starting with steel studs and drywall and working all the way to the completion of any room, providing comfort and peace of mind to a client all the way through the process. Whether it is a fresh build or a renovation Kokanee Peaks Interiors has it covered from the basics of electrical and plumbing to the final touch of flooring and window coverings. The employees are dependable and know the business well, an additional asset to a savvy investor.

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