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Multi-Residential & Mobile Park, Trail

Two buildings consisting of 12 rental units (Built in est. 1960). 13 mobile home pads, 5 RV pads. Annual revenues $196k+ and 9% Cap rate! Great investment for a absentee owner.

Description Mutli-residential & Mobile park. Great location backing onto the Columbia river. We have owned the property for seven years and are absentee owners. We try to visit the property once a year and have a onsite property manager. This model has worked successfully for us.
Revenue 196,000 In the past it has operated as a Motel and revenue has been high as $230k/annual. We are absentee owners and prefer long-term rentals. Although we do accept short term rentals on occasion. Majority of rent is collected through pre-authorized payments.
Cap rate: 8.99% This include the following expenses: utilities, repair/maintenance, insurance, property taxes, garbage removal and property manager. It excludes one-time capital expenditure and debt service.
Monthly rental rate: 12 unit building $800 Consists of two buildings built in 1960 Est. Approx. 6000 sq ft. – 10 units are 1 bedroom w/kitchens, 1 unit is without a kitchen and has double beds. 1 unit is a 3 bed two story. Rooms are furnished with TV, table, couch, bed etc. There is a small workshop as well that we do not rent.
Monthly rental rate: Mobile Home pads $400 We provide city water and sewer only.  13 Mobile pads. All mobile homes are tenant owned.  Mobile pads are 55+.
Monthly Rental rate: RV pads $600 We provide water, sewer and electricity (30amp.) 5 RV pads.
Low Vacancy rates Typically we have experienced 1 building room, 1 RV pad, 0 mobile pad vacant on a annual basis. Trail has a good economic outlook and typically it is not difficult to find tenants.  We have not had any mobile pads vacant.
Annual Property taxes 7530
Corporate sale property is owned by 668564 BC Ltd Our preference is for a corporate sale / share sale.


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Trail, Rossland & area
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3080 Highway Drive, Trail, BC, V1R3G3
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