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Multi-Residential & Mobile Park, Trail

Two buildings consisting of 12 rental units (Built in est. 1960). 13 mobile home pads, 5 RV pads. Annual revenues $190k and 10% Cap rate! Great investment for a absentee owner.

Description 3080 Highway Drive, Trail BC – Mutli-residential & Mobile park. Great location backing onto the Columbia river. We have owned the property for seven years and are absentee owners. We try to visit the property once a year and have a onsite property manager. This model has worked successfully for us.
Revenue 196,000 In the past it has operated as a Motel and revenue has been high as $230k/annual. We are absentee owners and prefer longterm  residential rentals. Although we do accept short term rentals on occasion.
Cap rate: 10% This include the following expenses: utilities, repair/maintenance, insuranace, property taxes, garbage removal and property manager. It exludes one-time captial costs.
Monthly rental rate: 12 unit building $800 Consists of two buildings built in 1960 Est. Approx. 6000 sq ft. – 10 units are 1 bedroom w/kitchens, 1 unit is awithout a kitchen and has double beds. 1 unti is a 3 bed two story.
Monthly rental rate: Mobile Home pads $400 We provide city water and sewer only.
Monthly Rental rate: RV pads $600 We provide water, sewer and electiricty (30amp.)
Low Vacancy rates   Typically we have expereinced 1 building room, 1 RV pad, 0 mobile pad vacant on a annual basis. Trail has a good economic outlook and typically it is not diffcult to find tenants.
Annual Property taxes 7530  We are looking for a corporate sale. 

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Trail, Rossland & area
Price: $1,250,000
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Buying a Business
Commercial Space

3080 Highway Drive, Trail, BC, V1R3G3
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