Episode 120 – Leeza Zurwick of Happy Gut

Episode 120 – Leeza Zurwick of Happy Gut

More and more research is showing that the volume and diversity of bacteria in our guts can be one of the biggest determinates of our overall health, wellbeing, and ultimately, our happiness.
Leeza Zerwick of Castlegar, BC, discovered one delicious way to help boost our good bacteria levels while at one-year old’s birthday party. Over the course of the following year she’s taken that initial inspiration from birthday to business.
6 weeks after he launch we got together to hear her story, and find out that she’s got big dreams.
Discover a delicious and nutritious drink, watch it improve your own health, turn it into a DIY brewing kit product and retail health drink and sell out your inventory at launch while pursuing major potential, with an endless passion and drive to create Happy Guts the world over? You can do that here.




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