Episode 128 – Lee Wasilenko of Orange Bridge Studios

At some point in our lives we all look back and wish we had gotten in on the next big thing, while it was still just emerging.

Having the foresight to see when an emerging trend is just about to go big is one thing. Having that just about to explode new industry also line up with your talents and lifelong passion is a golden opportunity..

Virtual reality has long been a future promise of our generation. In many ways the giant headsets became the symbol of “The Future,” in the early 90’s. When they failed to materialize into a consumer ready and accepted product though, they also became a bit of a symbol of the “Unattainable future,” when things looked more bleak.

20 years later however, all of the critical factors for virtual reality’s breakthrough have lined up and the long emerging trend is having its hockey stick growth moment.

Lee Wasilenko of Nelson,BC jumped on the trend and was amongst the early content developers for VR, riding his lifelong passion, skills and good timing to big things.

Grow up as a gamer, go on to study physics, engineering and business, launching successful startups in the process, before re-discovering your true love, and launching two new successful companies in a rapidly emerging new industry? You Can Do That Here!

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