Episode 81 – How to find your calling, make money and save the world with Raw Magic Chocolate

What is it you truly love doing? What are those things that when they engulf you your whole world radiates positive energy outward? Now think about how your job and work make you feel. Are those two things one and the same? If you are like most, probably not. But why not?

Why do we feel like we have to do certain things in life why do we put up with the monotony and stress of jobs that we don’t love?

For many there can be no more frightening thing than revealing your inner self to the world and letting people inside your inner workings.

But what if… either through choice or through adversity we took the time to ask those first two questions of what we love and why we’re here. And what if we fashion or careers and work around that in way that we can sustain our pocketbooks as well as sustain our wellbeing? What if through discovering your own passions and living them out you could also spread wellbeing to everyone else around the world?

That is precisely what Dragon and Danu of Winlaw are doing with their business Raw Magic Chocolate. Through adversity they discovered their purpose, came together and launched a fascinating and unique business with a genuine and noble purpose.

Discover your true calling? Build a business around your lifestyle? Spread well and heal the hearts of the world through a unique and thriving business? You can do that here!



About the podcast: The You can do that here! podcast was created and produced by Andrew Zwicker of AZcreative for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology. The podcast is a weekly series of conversations with some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs


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