You Can Do That Here! podcast

We are thrilled to be able to host Andrew Zwicker’s “You Can Do That Here” podcast, a collection of interviews with local entrepreneurs making life and business happen here. In these podcasts you will hear from entrepreneurs of all stripes, some building success locally while others have found their niche in a global market. What they all share is an appreciation for the boundless beauty of the region, and a desire to share their wisdom with others to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture.

No matter where you currently live or hope to land in the Kootenays, the “You Can Do That here” podcast is a perfect place to begin your quest for knowledge about the region and what is has to offer.

Episode 142 – Melissa Welsh of Pixelcents
Numbers. They are both the language of business and its method for keeping score. Knowing that one could discern that they who have the best knowledge and understanding more
Posted on Feb 22, 2019

Episode 141 – Don Freschi of Fenix AM
What is the ultimate goal of pretty well all companies? Well of course it’s to make money. Hopefully it’s at least a little bit to do some good more
Posted on Dec 06, 2018

Episode 140 – Nathan Small of VmWare
Put in the time and effort ,work on your delivery and consistency, and find the right team that wants to get to the next level. That is a more
Posted on Oct 18, 2018

Episode 139 – Larry Sparks
Larry Sparks of Golden, BC, has led a life and career as a community builder, and over the past couple of years he has put that attribute to more
Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Episode 138 – Chris Kent of Left of Centre Designs
Chris Kent of Fruitvale, BC has made a life and a career out of the pursuit of simplicity. Having recently gone out on his own launching Left of more
Posted on Sep 20, 2018

Episode 137 – Gustavo Nobrega of Levare Research
Blockchain is one of those new kid on the block opportunities. A new and emerging sector with clear standards yet to be set. In many ways the potential more
Posted on Sep 13, 2018

Episode 136 – Krista Humphrey and Bernard Mitchell of Wewerke Design
For creative / lifestyle  / entrepreneurial nomads Krista Humphrey and Bernard Mitchell, the latest stop on their adventure is here in The Kootenays. They’re putting their maker mentality, more
Posted on Sep 06, 2018

Episode 135 – Jonathan Quarrie of Starlight Snowboards
Jonathan Quarrie, originally of Blackpool England, and now calling Rossland, BC had a desire to create a snowboard that perfectly matched the conditions and riding style of his more
Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Episode 134 – Megan Adams of The Mountain Hub
Co-work spaces have been popping up around The Kootenays in recent years, and the latest to try and pull it off, with grand aspirations of much bigger things more
Posted on Jul 12, 2018