YCDTH Episode 82 – Product Design With Cam Shute of G3

Your Better Life and You Can Do That Here live in synchronicity here in the Kootenays. They go hand in hand as the Kootenay region supports and encourages all manner of opportunities that you can find and do here to help you live your dream – #yourbetterlife!

Cam Shute of Nelson, BC, an Engineer and outdoorsman from an entrepreneurial and artistic family, is driven by challenge and embodies both concepts. He has discovered a way to work for a company he loves, but also fulfill his entrepreneurial calling right here in the Koots. He designs new backcountry skiing products for G3 Genuine Guide Gear, and has found his niche as an entrepreneur within a job and is living his dream.

What if there was a way to design the lifestyle you desire, do something you love with passion and purpose, dictate and drive your own work, workplace and workmates? What if there was a way to in every sense be an entrepreneur, without the financial risk?

Listen to how this young engineer achieved all of the above as he enjoys a regular paycheque with all of the autonomy of an entrepreneur.

Hear, and be inspired by, his story HERE.