You Can Do That Here! podcast moves to Imagine Kootenay

Amongst the Kootenay’s vast mountains ranges, lush valleys, lakes and rivers, is a humming network of engaged and busy entrepreneurs. While some were lucky enough to be born in the Kootenays, many have migrated to the area, chasing the dream of a lifestyle that offers health, vitality, and an opportunity to let the imagination roam and grow – unfettered by the stresses of city life. Who are these bold entrepreneurs, and what do they do?

We are thrilled to be able to host Andrew Zwicker’s “You Can Do That Here” podcast, a collection of interviews with local entrepreneurs making life and business happen here.

If you are wondering what you can do here, a quick glance at Imagine Kootenay’s Opportunities and Work pages shows that the possibilities are endless. But, whether buying a business, making adjustments in your chosen career, or starting something new, the path to success is seldom easy or straightforward. As these podcasts reveal, along the road there are stops and starts, a little meandering, and occasionally blind leaps of faith that propel one towards their goal. We hope that knowing that others have been where you now sit and contemplating the same tough decisions, will provide comfort and inspiration on your journey.

For Andrew Zwicker, making the “You Can Do That Here,” podcast came from a desire to unpack the mystery of what its like to be an entrepreneur. “I’ve been an entrepreneur or working directly with other entrepreneurs for most of my career,” explained Zwicker. “Whenever I have heard stories from other business people and entrepreneurs on how they did it, I’ve always been super inspired, and able to incorporate something from their stories into my own. This podcast is a way that we can all tap into the inner workings of what has made Kootenay folks successful, and use their knowledge and insight to propel our own ventures forward.”

In these podcasts you will hear from entrepreneurs of all stripes, some building success locally while others have found their niche in a global market. What they all share is an appreciation for the boundless beauty of the region, and a desire to share their wisdom with others to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture. No matter where you currently live or hope to land in the Kootenays, here you will find abundant resources to help you build or grow your business. The “You Can Do That here” podcast is a perfect place to begin your quest for knowledge about the region and what is has to offer.

Thanks to our friends at Kootenay Association of Science and Tech (KAST) for launching this podcast and their continued support to produce new monthly content.

Have a listen, and consider making these podcasts a part of your weekly routine to connect with your goals, and invigorate your sense of belonging to a community of creative, engaged, and brilliant people who do that here.”

The full podcast listing can be found here on our podcast page!