Matt Coté

Revelstoke foodie finds perfect job marketing nutrition app

When Sarah Peterson moved to Revelstoke in 2009, it was with a snowboard under her arm. Revelstoke Mountain Resort had spun its gondola for the first time in 2008, broadcasting the powdery bounty above to a hungry flock of young people looking for more reasonably priced alternatives to places like Whistler and Banff. Revelstoke was …

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Why the Kootenays are primed for the tech industry

If, when you think of the B.C. economy, you see images of towering trees as a bounty of lumber, and soaring mountains as endless stockpiles of ore, and all our coursing waterways as fuel for turbines, you’re not alone. Since becoming a country in 1867, Canada has built itself upon the trade of natural resources. …

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Remote workers empowered by tech in the Kootenays

In 1985, professor Donna Haraway wrote an essay called the “Cyborg Manifesto.” It became one of the preeminent works of the post-modern era and struck an incisive chord with artists, philosophers, academics and scientists alike. She argued that all humans interacting with technology were becoming—colloquially speaking—cyborgs. And by augmenting ourselves as such, we transcended traditional …

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