Remote & Virtual Workers

Technology has changed how and where we work. The global economy has changed our expectations and opportunities. The strength of our values has changed who we work for and why.

The Kootenays makes it attractive for people to work remotely or virtually. High speed broadband connects our main centres. Coworking spaces are becoming so popular, even the smallest of our communities are creating room for today’s tech savvy workers.

If your work lets you work remotely, you will find many like-minded people living the same work-life balance here in the Kootenays. If words like cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart cities and the internet of things are part of your jargon, the Kootenays is definitely calling you.

Are you a disruptor? Our communities have the potential and offer the opportunities to make your vision succeed. From trades to professions, whatever your vocation or calling, there’s a space for you here.