The entrepreneurial spirit that originally brought settlers to the Kootenays is still thriving today. The region offers many exciting and affordable investment opportunities in businesses large and small.

Exciting Opportunities

Entrepreneurs are welcome in the Kootenays

The Kootenay business economy is welcoming, supportive, and opportunities are plentiful. As a result, there are a huge variety of success stories that have been written by people with the desire to follow their own path.

Regionally, the Kootenays attract entrepreneurs because of the incredible livability, thanks to the amazing lifestyle, established transportation links and broadband infrastructure that facilitate easy logistics and communication.

Businesses in the Kootenays are well served by supporting organizations and the community at large that values the diversity of the area. Take a look at our investment resources page to access regional business resources or our communities pages for contact details for more local resources such as chambers of commerce.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t always mean establishing a new business. There are successful businesses for sale in the Kootenays, and you can see what is available by looking at our opportunities listing page.