The Region

About the area

British Columbia’s Kootenay Region – many amazing communities

The Kootenays are located in southeast British Columbia, bordering Alberta to the east and the United States to the south. The landscape is a moving feast, changing at every turn, with stunning vistas around almost every corner and a common theme of dramatic mountain ranges, dense forest, diverse wildlife, rivers and lakes. Visitors are treated to quiet highways and welcoming communities with residents from almost every corner of the globe making travelling through the region an eclectic and inspiring experience.

The property market offers opportunity for every budget throughout both the East and West parts of the region with affordable acreages and more urban style living available, as well as everything in between.

Business is alive and well. Primary economic drivers are resource extraction and forestry with agriculture, tourism and vigorous entrepreneurial activity across many other sectors also making a considerable contribution to local economies.

An inspiring place

Visitors come to the Kootenays in every season to experience the majestic mountains, alpine meadows, abundant wildlife and many beautiful lakes, rivers and streams. The discovery of a thriving arts and culture scene is often a surprise, with events held throughout the year in theatre, dance, music, and visual arts. The culture and heritage add to the many reasons Kootenay communities are wonderful places to live.

Year round outdoor activities

The abundance of first rate recreational facilities and a pleasing four season climate is perfect for year round outdoor activities. The region’s rugged landscape affects weather patterns dramatically, with conditions varying from one valley to the next, allowing families to choose the right climate for them.

The winter welcomes skiers and snowboarders as well as intrepid snowmobilers, ice fishers, cross country skiers and mountaineers.

As spring rolls around and the snow gradually recedes, activity in the valley bottom starts with mountain bikes being tuned up, kayaks taking to the water and beautiful wild flowers adding colour to the landscape.

By the time the mountains transition into summer, hiking up into the alpine areas again becomes possible and a dip in one of the many lakes becomes a refreshing option. Golfers start swinging, anglers can take advantage of some of the best dry fly fishing in the world, and it is the perfect time for campers to get out into the parks or venture into the backcountry.

Fall is stunning. Colours appear on the trees and outdoor activities continue late into the year including hunting and fishing…  Then it’s time to start the exciting cycle again!

Family friendly communities

The diverse communities of the Kootenay region all love to celebrate the importance of family. With events to attend, clubs to join, countless outdoor activities to take advantage of, and thriving local arts scenes, families are always busy enjoying the Kootenay region.