BC Tech Grant Program Announces Expanded Access

Do you qualify for a BC Tech Grant?

If your business is in need of skilled and educated individuals to bring their talents to work for you, it’s become easier to do.

The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program has been expanded to make it even easier for BC companies to hire a co-op student. The program has been extended to larger companies and more industries, for longer terms.

What’s new in the BC Tech Grant Program?

The following program changes took effect as of February 1, 2016:

  • The BC Tech Co-op Grant is available to BC tech companies with 99 employees or less (formerly it was less than 50 employees)
  • Non-profit organizations in the technology sector are now eligible.
  • Non-tech companies that hire a co-op student in a tech role are now eligible.
  • All grants are now valued at $2,700.
  • Companies can now get grants for subsequent terms for co-op students hired longer than 4 months, which was not possible before.
  • There’s no longer a limitation of two grants per company per term; companies are limited to 4 grants per year

Read complete Program Guidelines and details.

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Still not sure if you qualify for a grant? Take a look at the infographic below.

BC Tech Grant infographic