Hills and mountains: Startup Canada Day on the Hill and Startup Revelstoke

Originally posted by British Columbia Innovation Council

May 5 was a big day for startups in Canada. Not only did thousands meet in Ottawa to discuss the industry, Startup Canada expanded to Revelstoke, BC. Here’s Jean Marc La Flamme’s take. Jean Marc is the community leader for Startup Revelstoke.

Startup Canada heads for the hill

This month in Ottawa over 1,000 entrepreneurs descended onto Parliament Hill for the largest annual gathering of innovators, anchor companies, investors, industry leaders, media personalities and government decision makers to help set Canada’s innovation agenda. As entrepreneurs, rarely do we get the chance to lend all our passionate knowledge concisely, and be part of making our country’s history collaboratively. Startup Canada put on a show of force, and I had a chance to join the organization in three days of strategic meetings with 50+ MP’s, ministers and company leaders.

Startup Canada Day on the Hill also included:

  • 9 policy hearingsJeanM2
  • 4 hack-a-thons
  • 1,100 attendees
  • 25 Startup Canada Communities
  • 40 + speakers
  • 30 + mentors
  • 24 + partner industry leaders and organizations
  • 10,115 tweets from 2,620 unique contributors

It was incredible to experience cabinet ministers saying “yes” to entrepreneurs innovating policy and new avenues for efficient support and financing of our initiatives. I personally spoke with the minister of finance and minister of small business as well as many MP’s who strongly believe in education to foster the culture of innovation within our country. It starts from empowering our entrepreneurs to take risks alongside failures and become mentors to a new ecosystem that includes youth and peers on the community level.

Startup Canada runs for the mountains

Startup Revelstoke is a grassroots driven movement in Revelstoke, BC bringing together passionate people over collaboration, innovation and learning. Our mission is to get people together to take risks, experiment and support one another in both success and failures. We are made up of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and intrapreneurs who work for other organizations. Non-profits, mentors and small business are also a big part of the support in this community.

JeanM3“With input from each of the Startup Canada Communities, entrepreneurs have laid the foundation for the Canada of the 21st century – one rooted in creativity, diversity and an innovative, startup mentality” said Startup Canada CEO Victoria Lennox.

I moved to Revelstoke seven years ago to get away from the big city business and integrate into super natural splendor. The gut feeling I had was the positive sense of opportunity in this community. It was derived from the history of Revelstoke built on seizing the moment and growing a sustainable economy. We are at a crossroads in Canada where the previous economy based on natural resources is being replaced slowly with the new knowledge & tech economy. Global forces within the energy sector, technological efficiencies, climate change and disruptive tech are forcing this change.