Investing in Community Success. It’s Up To You!

Investing in community is where a healthy local economy begins. The activity of business and individuals all adds up and plays a significant role in any given region’s economic viability.


With the 1 year anniversary of the ‘Thriving Communities’ metrics being celebrated with a growth rate of over $4.9M this summer, the Lower Columbia region can congratulate itself, and those who have invested and contributed, on a healthy and burgeoning economy.


Terry Van Horn, Economic Development Officer at the LCIC confirms, “The construction market is generally seen as one of the first economic sectors to rise or fall when economic conditions fluctuate, and the number and value of building permits can be early indicators of activity in the market. An increase in building permits also leads to other types of economic production, for example, financing and employment. To see such a large increase in the number of permits and the corresponding values is a positive indicator that our region continues to thrive. This number is almost 5 million dollars greater than when measured at the same time last year – such exciting news for our region.”


While these metrics provide the early indicators and reflect growing confidence in investing in a given community, it goes beyond just building permits. The growth and health of a community or region’s economic strength rely on several factors that include individuals as well as businesses, to continue to develop and flourish.


Any time money is spent, whether it’s constructing an office building, a hotel or a home; perhaps investing in existing building improvements or renovations; a healthy economy depends on these investments and contributions to sustain growth and upward mobility.


On a smaller scale, any opportunity for an individual to shop locally; attend, or volunteer at, a community event; patronize a local restaurant or the Chamber of Commerce; or, simply stroll downtown streets; is activity that serves to invigorate local business and community success.


The Lower Columbia is a region enjoying growth in several sectors from manufacturing to technology all the while promoting a lifestyle that balances work, family and recreation with beauty in surroundings that beckons and inspires. All of this and a vibrant economy, to boot!