Kootenay markets featured on new BC website

Orchard fruits, berries, fresh veggies, locally raised meat, artisanal cheese and world famous cherries. These are just some of the things you’ll find at Kootenay farmers’ markets.

Our region has more than 20 farmers’ markets, and The BC Farmers’ Market Trail website aims to make it easier for locals and tourists to discover them. The website showcases more than 145 farmers’ markets across BC, including those in the Kootenay region.

“This website will bring attention to our region and its agricultural products, support access to healthy food and enable agricultural producers to expand their markets and grow their businesses,” said Johnny Strilaeff, Columbia Basin Trust president and CEO.

Visitors to the website can read about the unique characteristics of each farmers’ market and what they have to offer. With the growing popularity of farm-to-table and in-season products, shopping at farmers’ markets is increasingly becoming an important part of weekly grocery shopping routines.

“Buying local not only tastes good, but it feels good – you can put a face to your food,” says Forest McCormack, owner of McCormack Farms, a ‘century farm’ located in Nakusp, BC. “I run an open-door policy at our farm, so people can come see where their food is produced, there are no closed doors.”

Although some may mourn the end of summer, autumn brings harvest season, meaning plenty of fresh, hearty produce to go around, with many farmers’ markets open well into the fall if not year-round. For the Kootenay region, a great variety of foods continue to be in season for September, including blackberries, apples, corn and much more.

To explore the Kootenay farmers’ markets on the BC Farmers’ Market Trail visit: