Kootenays Attractions Make Top 10!

It never comes as a surprise to anyone when Vancouver makes a Top 10 List. In fact, after so many, it’s almost expected that Vancouver is considered one of the Most Liveable or one of The Best Cities to Live or, hey, how about Most Beautiful?

In the expanse of beauty and liveability that defines so much of the province of British Columbia, while we take pride that a city we call our own gets so much international good press, we know that those waters run so much deeper.

And, so… for those of us who call the Kootenays home, it’s now our turn! USA Today recently featured British Columbia in their 10 Best column: 10 Reasons You Should Explore British Columbia.

No surprise, of course, Vancouver’s sights and attractions find several spots on the list. But, hallelujah!, the Kootenays take up some pretty choice real estate, starting with “Quirky Nelson” nabbing the number one spot! OK, so we may have come up with a more apt and complimentary description than “Imagine a college town without any students and that about sums up this oddball burg…” but, hey, it’s number 1 and we’ll take it!

Hot springs, for which both the East and West Kootenay boast some of the best, made the list along with the Free Ferry Rides, which of course speaks to the crossing of Kootenay Lake from Balfour to Crawford Bay.

Golden’s Kicking Horse gets her own mention, showcasing the summit restaurant Eagle’s Eye and the beloved resident grizzly, Boo.

The Kootenay Rockies grab some attention, too, distinguishing our dramatic range from the Rockies to the East, promoting our own incredible hiking, biking, camping, rafting and other world-class outdoor recreation.

Finally, a little well-deserved recognition of all we have to offer in the Kootenays, #yourbetterlife, beyond just the beauty and liveability of Vancouver.