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Own a Wilderness Resort near Golden, BC

Looking for a lifestyle change? Want to get out of the city? Here’s your chance to invest in a unique wilderness resort property in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. This is a turnkey business in a beautiful setting. This opportunity is best suited to someone who plans to be “hands on” in the operation of the business. If I was 20 years younger I wouldn’t be selling as the cabins provide me with great revenue plus LOTS of room to expand for someone with the energy and ambition.

There are 15 guest cabins plus 2 staff cabins and the Laundry / Reception cabin. There are also 4 “bunkies” – very rustic cabins with a bunk bed, wash up counter, camp chairs and candle lanterns. These don’t have running water or electricity but there is an outhouse plus 5 gallon water container in each for washing up. The bunkies are only rented out in peak season (mid-June to mid-Sep) and are aimed at the backpacker crowd. The regular cabins are fully winterized and have been rented year round. There is a large, outdoor covered dining / kitchen area, a winterized pump house, a winterized cleaning / hydro shed, plus a staff “bunkie” and assorted storage buildings. This is located on 5.5 acres of land approx. 20 minutes NW of Golden BC.

They are located half way between Glacier National Park and Yoho National Park with easy access to Banff and Kootenay National Parks.

When the tour buses aren’t here the cabins are rented through airbnb and expedia. We have a lot of repeat guests from Calgary, Edmonton and the interior of BC.

The cabins are clean, comfortable and quiet. They each feature 2 queen beds, a 3 piece washroom, a separate hot water tank for each cabin, and a TV with DVD player. There is wi fi available for guests. The bunkies feature an overlapping bunk bed plus 2 camp chairs and a 5 gallon water tank for drinking and washing up.  NEW in 2021 – we replaced 24 mattresses plus we added a little kitchenette in the back of all the cabins with a mini fridge, hot plate, microwave, toaster and kettle plus some dishware.  NEW in 2022 – we have just installed the new Starlink internet service (Musk & SpaceX) which is supposed to be a ‘game changer’ with regards to the wi fi. 

I bought and cleared the land in the late summer of 2013 and construction on the cabins started in early 2014. The first bus arrived on June 1, 2014. At the time I owned a tour company in Vancouver called West Trek Tours Inc. West Trek specialized in the ESL student market in Vancouver. The cabins were built specifically to cater to the West Trek groups. The West Trek buses held up to 55 guests. The outdoor dining area is big enough to seat 55 guests and the fire pit is also big enough for 55 to sit around it. Most of the students preferred the least expensive option which was quad occupancy however with 15 rental cabins there was room for some upgrades to double or triple. The Guide would sleep in the Guide cabin which had a single bed, 3 piece washroom plus housed our laundry facilities. This has now been converted to a Reception area however could easily be returned to its original purpose. I wanted to give the West Trek guests a truly Canadian experience rather than the usual hotel in the centre of town, or along a highway strip, experience. The cabins were regularly rated the guests favourite overnight stay on their tours.

In December, 2018 I sold West Trek Tours.  Now that I have sold West Trek, I am ready to sell the cabins and retire.

In the winter I rent the cabins long term (6 or 7 months) and go back to normal, short term rentals in mid-May. 

A new owner would want to talk to Uniglobe Specialty Travel as they have said that they would like to continue to use the cabins on a year round basis. Uniglobe was West Treks’ main competitor in the Lower Mainland and they have basically bought a monopoly in that market. A future owner could expect to see a significant increase in the number of buses sent by Uniglobe. Particularly in the shoulder and off seasons as the peak season is already nearing saturation level

The cabins have largely been staffed by young volunteers. Strange as it may sound, due to our location in the mountains, volunteers are incredibly easy to find. There are numerous online sites and Facebook groups that cater to this. They tend to be international youth out to see the world who need a place to stay and meals. (Note they MUST have a valid work visa). They volunteer 5 hours a day, 5 days a week in exchange for room and board. With the exception of covid, I always have way more applicants than I need.

This opportunity is best suited to someone who plans to be “hands on” in the operation of the business. I don’t see it as a remote income opportunity. While I have often hired a manager so I could spend time in Ontario, I have been very involved in the operation from Day 1.

There are many opportunities to expand the Revenue base. Prior to selling West Trek Tours I had plans in the works for the following:

– replace the 2 queen beds in each cabin with 3 bunk beds. This would allow me to handle a full bus with 10 cabins rather than the current 15 which would leave me free to rent out the other 5 cabins. Given the age / demographics of the West Trek groups, bunk beds would be preferred and there wouldn’t be an issue with sharing 6 to a cabin.

– there is still a lot of unused land. I planned to put in a “Tent Village” or “Yurt Village”. I have been experimenting with both a yurt and the large cabin tents with the staff. There is a market for ultra budget tours that would spend 3 or 4 nights in a tent / yurt and use the cabins as a base for exploring the Rockies and various National Parks.

So, if you are a “hands on” outdoors enthusiast single or couple who can really sink your teeth in to a fun and interesting project, this could be ideal for you. For the price of a bungalow in Vancouver or Toronto you can own your own wilderness resort and let the adventure begin.

Date Posted:
Golden, BC
Price: $1,490,000
Opportunity Type:
Buying a Business
2383 Forde Station Road, Golden, BC, V0A1H1
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