Rural Life the Answer to the Increasing Stress of Urban Living

Home prices, and not only how the city of Vancouver, but the BC Provincial Government, intends to handle this problem plaguing the Lower Mainland, has been making the news for the past many months. With a median home price moving towards $700,000 and many desirable neighbourhoods commanding $1.5 to $2 million-plus, it’s more than beyond reach for anyone looking to do more than work simply to support a hefty mortgage payment.

This news is actually welcome for cities and towns across British Columbia looking to attract businesses, entrepreneurs, talent, and workers to more remote areas of the province and the more affordable and joyously simple living that rural life has to offer.

A recent story in the Globe and Mail featured the city of Prince George and their Move Up Prince George advertising campaign to attract those folk who’ve simply had enough of the inflated standard of living in places like Vancouver and Toronto to the northern city.

It’s indicative of the growing trend of smaller, more remote cities and towns targeting urban centres in their marketing. Going after entrepreneurs, professionals, trades and just about anyone else overwhelmed by the financial demands of maintaining a life, raising a family and paying a mortgage in the big city.

Our Imagine Kootenay, a similar Kootenays campaign to that of Prince George aims to generate the same interest in this neck of the woods, encouraging relocation to this region, East and West. There is no shortage of opportunities promoted, with a focus on business development showcasing careers, business opportunities and, of course, the tremendous lifestyle unique to the area.

Fundamental to the appeal is, of course, affordability. The Kootenay region, where median home prices for a three bedroom home can range from $179,000 to $470,000 depending on the community, is becoming an increasingly desirable option for urban dwellers looking to escape the rat-race of places such as the Lower Mainland, Alberta and Ontario.

Our assets are simply identified by the hashtag, #yourbetterlife, where we promote all the Kootenays are uniquely able to offer from entrepreneurship, startup and business opportunities to unique employment positions to the outstanding outdoors – a huge draw for those who choose to make their lives here.

People are finding that not only are they able to escape to a more viable cost of living but they’re also able to enjoy an increasingly diversified and expanding economy offering the infrastructure, support and network necessary to provide for professional, personal and lifestyle opportunities.

In short, #yourbetterlife, is waiting for you here in the Kootenays!