#DontHave1Million In Vancouver? Come to the Kootenays!

Recently the Huffington Post wrote an article (view article here) in regards to the extremely expensive housing prices in Vancouver, BC, and us here at Imagine Kootenay are going to take advantage of that article by giving you just a few more reasons (if you needed any) to relocate to the beautiful Kootenays!

The article starts off by saying “A management consultant in his 40s moved to California. A lawyer in his 40s is likely heading to Vancouver Island. Eveline Xia lists off other friends with decent salaries and in-demand jobs who are wondering how long they can afford to live in Vancouver. Even an ER doctor she knows can’t buy a home in the city.” Home to thriving resource industries, world-class health care facilities, booming tourism opportunities and all kinds of spin-off jobs, the Kootenays are the perfect place to start a career and build a family. Take a look at some of our major employers here.

If you are familiar with the Kootenays at all, you know we are all about working hard and living easy. From affordable housing to exciting outdoor activities, families of all ages love living here. Thanks to our low property taxes, your forever home is no longer out of reach; with all the great career opportunities in our region, your dream home will be even easier to afford. The lower cost of housing here means greater affordability for families, helping them live easy in the Kootenays. See more about housing in the Kootenays here.

The article mentions that “Xia, 29, rents a two-bedroom apartment near Mount Pleasant but aspires to buy a “modest space to raise two kids until they’re 18.” They are typical dreams in an atypical city when it comes to the real estate market.” Great career opportunities, top-notch schools, and affordable housing located in safe neighbourhoods make the Kootenay region a perfect place to start a family. With our four distinct seasons, thrilling local activities and boundless natural beauty, your family will be kept busy year round enjoying all the region has to offer.

The article also states that “In Metro Vancouver, prices show no sign of slowing down. The average two-storey detached home in Vancouver and North Shore now sells for more than $1.27 million, a 10-per-cent jump since last year’s first quarter, while condos rose almost five per cent to an average $500,000.” and “It’s ludicrous to think that average hard-working folks are expected to have that $1 million in hand to own a home,” said Xia. “For an average salary, it would take a ballpark of 40 years to save enough for just the 25 per cent down payment!” We agree! In comparison, the Kootenay Real Estate Board stats showed that in 2014, a total of 206 houses were purchased in the Lower Columbia Region for a combined value of $54 M!

In regards to the #DontHave1Million campaign that Xia has started on Twitter where she’s encouraging Vancouver residents — who don’t have $1 million — to post photos of themselves with descriptions of their jobs and age, we say instead check out hashtags such as #KootenayLife and #YourBetterLife to see what kind of affordable life you could be living!