YCDTH Episode 94 – How To Be Prolific With Adam O. Thomas

Adam O. Thomas has made a career out of letting his creative juices flow, collaborating with others, and creating unique, engaging content. Whether creating experimental comedy or educational media Adam brings a punk rock, do it yourself attitude to everything he does, infusing his own life experiences along the way. He’s had success recently with his new web series Parked, commercial work, and a wide variety of creative film making projects in his career.

Along the way he’s learned there are 4 things it takes to succeed in both film, and entrepreneurship in general:

1) Be yourself 2) Find or build a community 3) Be prolific 4) Hustle.

Having grown bored and isolated in the fast growing, expensive metropolis of Vancouver, Adam has relocated to Nelson and found a new creative community to launch his next batch of Kootenay creativity.

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