Blend Bistro in Elkford combines culture and cuisine

The Blend Bistro opened its doors in Elkford, BC on June 10 2019!

Corey Mildenberger and his wife Romila have raised 3 children in Elkford and were happy to open up this unique Bistro offering specialty coffees, decadent deserts, Modern Filipino fare and quality homemade traditional menu items to the community. But that is not the only thing Corey has planned for The Blend Bistro, offering quality food services to the community and giving back is the heart of his start up. Living in Edmonton, AB doing management studies and working extensively in hospitality, Corey knew his path to start the restaurant was to be more than offering delicious cuisine but a way to invest not only economically but culturally and socially in Elkford.  To be involved with the spirit of the community daily is a wonderful motivator.

His wife’s parents, Romeo and Mila Milo, moved to Elkford, BC in the early 70’s from the Philippines. Romeo worked as an electrician at Fording River until his retirement several years ago. They still reside here.

Marrying his wife in 1988 enriched Corey with Filipino culture and cuisine and with his own families love of the diversity of Canadian cuisine the concept of The Blend Bistro evolved.

The restaurant, just newly opened, is already rich in history. Corey reached out to band members of the Ktunaxa for support and guidance on his business plan and the placement of representative photographs in the restaurant of these indigenous people of Southeastern BC. The photos showcase their rich culture, history and family centred values.

On a somber note the feature photograph showcases the abrupt change that occurred to their way of life only a few decades ago by the implementation of residential schools. This caused extreme damage to their way of life and reminds us that reconciliation is real and ongoing. Building a relationship with the Ktunaxa band was important to Corey to respectfully bring their story to those that visit the restaurant.

Corey also showcases photographs of the family centred motivation that brought the current residents  to Elkford  through photos of his father in law when he first started at the mines. He came to provide a better life for his family. He and many others invested of themselves and have built this community into a special place for families.“The Blend Bistro is a special space for families to enjoy their time together and an opportunity to reflect and respect the family focused culture and bonds of the Ktunaxa people.”  

Corey also supports buying local, with purchasing food and wines from BC. Wanting to support youth, The Blend Bistro offers a Chef’s apprenticeship program and looks forward to building a scholarship program for youth interested in the hospitality industry. 

Come down to enjoy The Blend Bistro’s relaxing social environment with no electronics distracting from this family friendly restaurant.

Located at 814 Michel Road in Elkford, BC and hours of operation from 6am to 9pm Sunday to Thursday and open to midnight Friday and Saturdays!

Blend Bistro