Go-Lab Coworking Launches in Golden, BC

The Powder Highway has attracted a wealth of professionals over the past decades of resort municipality and outdoor activity growth, and with the emergence of fibre internet more business are laying their roots in the Kootenays. Golden BC is a relatively affordable and mature mountain community with diverse people and organizations to reflect their interests. Small business is key to its economic engine and evolution further away from the perils of global market fluctuations. In order to empower people to start, manage or grow business, Marloes Van Lent of Day2Day Books has launched a coworking space downtown called the Go-Lab to allow entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, non-profit and business to rent workspace in an environment alongside other like minded but different skilled professionals.

Coworking is productive space to work away from home, physically separating these lives. It is less expensive than renting out office space alone. Taking advantage of this affordable option allows for cultivating business relationships and a greater spend on other business needs. Mountain CoLab in Revelstoke is a successful sister space that started in 2015 and now includes hundreds of cooperative members. Mountain Hub in Invermere and Jam Factory in Nelson BC are other great spaces that have years of successful business development for the region. The coworking movement has grown exponentially and now there are more than 20,000 spaces worldwide. 

When individuals come together to work, even if they are not working on the same projects, they find themselves being more productive. This is because being around others who are focused on working, creating, strategizing, and making connections, offers a much different environment from a spare room or the local coffee shop.

Marloes says; “The motivation is to make life better and generally more successful. Go-Lab Coworking sees that happening by helping our neighbours, focusing on building relationships, networking events, doing excellent work together and seeing our lives as not something to live just for ourselves. We would like to create goals and a mission to sync with those of the community.”


Coworking will help us find the right people: The value is in the relationships, far more than the resources.

Coworking will help us save time: Introduce us to people who have the answers that we may be looking for.

Coworking will help us grow the local economy: More than 40 percent of our workforce is freelancing in some form.

A place where you could find entrepreneurs, business experts, early adopters and a sharing economy. Coworking is a fundamental shift in the way that people work. Whether you’re working for yourself or working for a company, you can take part in the revolution.

The vast majority of coworkers expect to see an increase in their earnings (75%) and this also includes;

Flexibility in working

Prospects of better networking

Less office expenditure

Promotes business growth

Coworking with like-minded people

Collaborations & learning new skills

Non-materialistic support

More productivity, more success

Enjoy personal space with professional engagements

Inspiration / mentorship

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