Baillie Grohman Estate Winery

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Baillie Grohman Estate Winery is one of Creston Valley’s award winning wineries. It is named after one of the region’s most legendary pioneers, William Baillie-Grohman, who had a vision the area along the Creston Valley Flats could be converted into rich farmland. Today, the unique micro-climate yields wines with new fingerprints not seen before in the world of wine. Baillie Grohman Estate Winery’s approach is to produce small lots of super premium wine in their 5,000 case boutique winery. Everything is completed by hand, from the farming to picking and sorting at harvest. Grape production is maintained at a low yield, with the aspiration of quality and concentrated flavours. They currently have nine premium wine selections available.

Why this employer

From the tasting room to outdoor labour, Baillie Grohman Estate Winery is a favourite place for many to be employed. Even though work is mostly seasonal, many staff return every year because they enjoy the outdoors, the workplace culture, and contributing towards building an award-winning product line.

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For employment opportunities, please contact Baillie Grohman Estate Winery directly and visit the KES website for current opportunities!