Help Nelson’s Civic Theatre win $40,000!

The Civic Theatre (Nelson Civic Theatre Society) has been selected to compete against eight other groups across Canada in the National Trust for Canada’s This Place Matters competition.

In this contest, the project that gathers the most votes (or combination of votes and dollars, as every dollar raised is worth a vote as well) by November 15 will win a prize of $40,000 towards their project.

The goal is to raise $20,000 towards purchasing a roll-up screen and drapery – part of a larger initiative (with a $150,000 goal) – to restore and improve the historic original stage, making it accessible again for diverse community use.

The Civic Theatre stage is bisected currently by the screen, rendering the space challenging to use for anything other than screening films. Moving the screen is expensive, as it requires hours of technical staff time, and it risks damage to the screen every time it’s moved. A roll up screen brings the theatre closer to the vision of much more than movies – creating a Kootenay home for entertainment, education, communication and connection. In short, it will greatly assist in the Screen Based Industry development plans and advancing ways in which there can be meetings, dialogue events, and other programming if stage access is fully restored.

Here is how you can help the Civic Theatre win:

  1. Vote daily. (if you have more than one email address, you can vote once daily logged in with each address)
  2. Consider making a gift. Every dollar raised counts as a vote too. (So if you give $10 and then vote once that day, your contribution will be 11 votes).
  3. Share the campaign everywhere. Facebook, twitter and other social media, email to friends and family – these all will help us to get the votes and contributions we need to win. The campaign is six weeks long, so please remind people every so often too.

Click HERE to help make this project happen!