Increased Infrastructure Makes Kootenays Tech Business Friendly

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle is the new location, location location!

The Kootenays is a highly desirable place to live and work and the increased availability of infrastructure now makes it viable for technology businesses to take the leap and operate successfully away from the city.

Kootenays supports innovation and startup success

There are pockets of tech businesses cropping up in areas such as Trail and Rossland where resource extraction works hand in glove with technology through production of lead, zinc, gold and silver used in product manufacture. In addition, the area has spawned the creation of business operations that recycle electronic waste such as cathode ray tubes and an array of batteries; manufacturing germanium-based optical lenses and growing high-quality indium antimonide crystals. The region also boasts a new MIDAS FabLab metallurgical research centre, a hub for innovation, business incubation and community learning around the fastest growing and valuable new technologies in the metals and related digital fabrication sector.

Imagine Kootenay is excited about the breadth and depth of expertise in businesses looking to the online environment with companies like Rossland’s Thoughtexchange proving that global operations are indeed possible from a little town in the mountains.

High speed broadband combined with lifestyle allows for the best in work-life balance

The introduction of improved broadband links via the Columbia Basin Trust adds yet more potential for people looking for the elusive lifestyle available from living in the mountains.

Imagine Kootenay is excited about the opportunity to work with businesses and individuals who are keen to get their slice of the good life and contributing economically to the already rich vein of talent in the Kootenays.

For more information or to peruse the variety of resources and opportunities available to jump start #yourbetterlife in the Kootenays please visit Imagine Kootenay.