Listing Your Opportunity on Imagine Kootenay

There’s a great deal written here (oh, and here, and here, and here!) about the variety of advantages to creating “your better life” in the Kootenays, both East and West. This makes for a tremendous resource for looking for opportunities but equally so for listing your opportunity on Imagine Kootenay.

They are vast and varied, but the reasons often come back to the remarkable balance between life and work that can be achieved in the Kootenays. Whether you come looking to work or you come to buy or start a business, the benefits of doing so in this part of the world are many, with affordability and outdoor recreation often topping the list.

Imagine Kootenay a resource for searching and listing businesses

Of particular interest for those with the entrepreneurial spirit is that the Kootenay region offers an inviting atmosphere of support, which include a rich vein of valuable agencies, not for profit organizations and governmental departments focused on supporting the business community.

For those looking, for whatever the reason, to sell a business in the region, listing your opportunity on Imagine Kootenay is a no-brainer as it is fast becoming an established resource geared to enticing prospects with the lure of opportunity, both professionally and lifestyle.

With numerous well-established businesses listed for sale throughout the region, it’s a great first stop for those looking for that opportunity to help facilitate the dream of moving to the East or West Koots or finally pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Browse our listings to see the variety of opportunities available. Opportunities for success are broad and equally favourable for small, medium or large enterprises and the economy is both supportive and welcoming. As workers make their way west from neighbouring Alberta, there is increasing demand for business opportunities and Imagine Kootenay provides a comprehensive list of possibilities.

With the increasing population coupled with the economic landscape, it makes it the ideal time to list your business or opportunity, speak to someone’s soul!