How to sell anywhere, without leaving the Kootenays

Can you launch and grow a global business from a small town?

Is living in a small market a major disadvantage to making it?

These are the questions asked by host Andrew Zwicker in Episode 76 of the You Can Do That Here! podcast. For the answers, he turns to Kootenay entrepreneurs Marie Racine of Handy Hay Nets and Charlotte Ferreux of Thrive Consulting. Both women run successful home-based businesses with customers across Canada, the US and beyond.

Their secret? A strong online presence that allows potential clients from anywhere in the world to discover their product/service.

Marie manufactures and sells slowfeeder hay bags for horses and cattle. She distributes the bags to retail stores across Canada and also sells them directly to customers through her website, many of whom discover her – and in turn her product – through her social media presence.

Social media is also an important marketing tool for Charlotte, who is a high performance coach for business leaders. For her, it’s a way to keep in regular contact with her coaching clients between sessions. Many of her clients live outside her community and meet with her via video conference.

Marie and Charlotte are two of the many local entrepreneurs who have expended their businesses well beyond the local market. For them, living in the Kootenays is a benefit, not a barrier. They are able to enjoy this beautiful region without sacrificing business successes.

Listen to Episode 76 of the You Can Do That Here! podcast HERE.