TechWomen Canada: Accelerating Women in Tech Business!

Accelerating Canada’s top women-run companies

In partnership with the Canadian Consulate San Francisco/Silicon Valley, the TechWomen Canada program aims to connect with and provide support for Canadian women in the technology sector in Silicon Valley. This outreach initiative will expose Canadian women to the influence and rapid growth culture of the Valley, which they can leverage in order to create positive impact in their organizations.

The program includes:

  • Developing close, organic relationships with top female entrepreneurs in Canada
  • High level presentations addressing specific pain points of the cohort
  • Introductions to mentors from leading companies in Silicon Valley offering professional guidance and support
  • Media coverage and press opportunities
  • Private networking with C100 charter members, investors and sponsors

Silicon Valley Mentorship

The one-day face-to-face mentorship will continue online for a period of up to two months after the program. This will enable participants to build viable and long-term connections to the cutting-edge innovation that is happening here in the Californian marketplace.

Are you one of Canada’s top women in tech?

Applications will be accepted soon!

TechWomen Canada Selection Criteria

This program is for women in senior tech roles and women entrepreneurs who have shown high potential and a track record of achievement in technology-related sectors. Women apply through on online process and are chosen after a rigorous process to select representation across the spectrum of talent.

  • Must be a founder or hold senior role in Canadian tech company
  • Company has demonstrated product market fit (e.g. users, customers)
  • Significant growth potential and addressable market

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