Episode 83 – Alison Cutts of Xenon Pharmaceuticals: Innovation Through Genetics

Perhaps Nelson isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to developing new pharmaceutical innovations. But in keeping with the You Can Do That Here philosophy, Alison Cutts of Xenon Pharmaceuticals is making things happen – wide reaching, not to mention critical implication, things! – from her home office right here in the Kootenays.

Alison is helping lead a team working on the West Coast to develop, among other things, a better drug to combat pain in a new and innovative way using genetics. In this episode Alison dives into the fascinating world of genetics, how it’s helping us all be healthier people, as well as the cautions and ethics of such a powerful science.

Genetics represent the very instructions of life itself. They contain vast volumes of information of which we’re only just beginning to explore the possibilities. In the realm of science it may just be one of the fastest growing areas of study, as well as perhaps one of the most critical to the future of life itself.

But what about the business side? More and more we are seeing and hearing about practical business applications of genetics. From companies like 23andme that will send you back your genetic sequence from a mailed in DNA sample, to pharmaceutical companies partnering with geneticists to develop the next wave of innovative drugs.

Discover gene mutations of ultra-rare diseases and use that knowledge to develop new pharmaceutical products from your home office in Nelson, BC? You can do that here!

Listen to this fascinating episode HERE.