Youth video project showcases Columbia Valley businesses

Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce (CCVV) is proud to have partnered with the Summit Youth Centre to produce a video series highlighting successful businesses in Columbia Valley. The project was supported by Imagine Kootenay and Columbia Basin Trust.

Youth asked business owners to share their path to success. The goal was to provide potential investors with a glimpse into doing business successfully in the Columbia Valley and engage local youth in the project so that they can see what opportunities there could be for them and what skills/attributes they would need should they choose to create their future in the Columbia Valley.

CVCC staff held meetings with Summit Youth Centre youth, videographer and local journalist to develop questions and plan interviews. The youth selected and invited 5 local businesses to be interviewed on camera (Home Hardware, Main Street Fun & Games, Valley Zipline, Sobeys, and Kicking Horse Coffee). The youth worked with local videographer Justin Woodman who was hired by Summit Youth Centre using funds provided to them from Columbia Basin Trust. Justin worked with the kids to conduct the video interviews and complete the editing process.

Upon completing the project each youth was asked to answer some questions.

Cooper Archer said his favourite thing about doing the project was, “Getting to know the owners. Because of possibly getting a job with one of the businesses.” And he thinks it would be “cool to own a food business one day”.

Gabe Verge said his favourite thing was “Just being able to see the variety of stores/businesses in Invermere. Because I haven’t seen that kind of stuff.” And he was surprised how much local businesses rely on tourists.

When asked what he learned about doing business in the CV, Ryker Talis said, “I learned that the owners were really outgoing and nice. It seems that the Businesses are dependent on people visiting the Valley.” And Ryker’s favourite thing was meeting the people as normally he wouldn’t take the time.

Youth Coordinator Dan Lewis was asked if he thought the project was a good experience and valuable for the kids and he was quick to answer. “Absolutely! The kids learned so much about themselves and others. They were stretched to go beyond their comfort zones and were positively rewarded. I enjoyed seeing them grow socially and personally as they learned how the process of interviewing and meeting new people unfolded. Great experience for them! Would recommend this or similar projects for other youth in the Columbia Valley.”

CCVV Executive Director Susan Clovechok was particularly pleased that the kids had an extra bonus working with videographer Justin Woodman as he graduated from David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere and is now operating his new videography business in the Columbia Valley further demonstrating the kids that they can create great opportunities for themselves right here at home.

“We completed several [regional marketing] projects over the past few years and by far I have to say this Video Project is my favourite because not only did we end up with a great tool to help investors understand why doing business in the Columbia Valley is so great but local young people had an interactive learning experience that was fun and could influence what they choose to do with their futures.”

The videos are now posted on YouTube and on the CCVV website. In addition, they will be featured at 2018 Business Excellence Awards (20th Annual) in October which is currently in the planning stages.

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