Episode 69 – Inside the Techgasm that was the BC Tech Summit

Summits. They are that small point of land where all upward sloping things eventually converge together, look down and realize they’ve created a mountain together. They are a convergence of talents coming from vastly different places, moving in opposite directions that meet to form something amazing. Whether ridgelines, and alpine bowls, or founder, funder and first adopter coming together, when you put the right pieces together in the same place, great things are formed.

We took the podcast on a field trip this week, and got to experience a full immersion education in the world of tech business at the first BC Tech Summit event held in Vancouver. Not entirely sure what to expect, I felt like I was living an episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, and quickly got caught up in the hype. Being surrounded by literally thousands of ides, start-ups and businesses “making the world a better place and thinking that expands beyond earth, and even transcends time and humanity itself, is inspiring to say the least.

The lessons learned over the course of the two day event was essentially a guide to how to launch, grow and sustain a leading edge technology company in BC.

About the podcast: The You can do that here! podcast was created and produced by Andrew Zwicker of AZcreative for the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology. The podcast is a weekly series of conversations with some of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs in the Koots.



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