Episode 29 – The Entrepreneur’s Book Club

On today’s show, we’re going to try something new. With the first 30 episode season of the You can do that here! podcast winding down and as we gear up for season two we are going back into the vaults to bring you some of the best answers from season one. This week we’re talking books with the first episode of the You can do that here! Entrepreneur’s Book Club.

Yes a book can be many things to the entrepreneur. It can be a close friend on a long trip, an inspiring mentor, an eye opening game changer, a childhood inspiration, or as we’ll hear from some, nothing but an antiquated form and something entrepreneurs don’t have time for anyway. We’ll see about that last point.

Now let’s open the first chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Book Club.

It should be no surprise that two organic based businesses in Nelson are hooked on a book that preaches an organic approach to starting a new business.

Velvet Kavanagh of Endless Harvest and Jon Meyer of Oso Negro both recommend “Growing a business,” by Paul Hawken.

Often books we read as children have had long lasting affects in opening up our minds to new ways of living and doing business.

Fiona Richards of Cartolina had her artistic fire set alight by the “Something to do,” book by David Lucas.

Brad Steele of Backcountry Skiing Canada was inspired by the human inspired exploits of the hero in his favourite tale Beyond the Horizon by Colin Angus.

Customer service is the name of the business game. One book that inspired Kelly Acheson of Adventure Engine to offer the best service possible came from a small mid-western American deli called “Zingermans guide to great service.”


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