Episode 12, Part 1 – How to get great stories about your business in the biggest publications

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. That’s what everyone says at least, often as a way to rationalize some bad media coverage. But what about those truly successful entrepreneurs out there who knocked publicity and earned media out of the park, and were able to leverage press coverage to launch them from back of the house business to a leader in their field? How do they do it? How do they get noticed? More importantly how do they get compelling stories about their tiny business into the right hands in some of the biggest publications in the world?

Here in Nelson, Cartolina, run by Fiona Richards is the shining example. From a childhood spent surrounded by vintage art and eccentric grandparents, growing up in Scotland, through working in creative fields and finally finding a home in Nelson and selling paintings downtown, Fiona has mastered the art of telling her own story, and getting that story into the hands of those who can spread it globally.

Catching up with Fiona in her new Bricks and mortar Cartolina store on Baker Street, her unique story of growing her passion for art and business into a omni-channel successful wholesale, online e-tailer, and now retailer is impressive to say the least. With such a great story and so much good advice to pass on, I couldn’t possibly cut the episode down to 30 minutes and deprive our listeners of the value rich content.

So today I’ll bring you part one of my conversation with Fiona Richards where we dive into her businesses origins in Scotland, to her flourishing wholesale business made possible by a combination of a stellar product and a seemingly magical ability to generate positive press coverage on a global scale.


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