Episode 131 – Andrew Zwicker of The VinylCast

Remember Vinyl? Sure you do. In fact if we look at the stats you probably own a record player and collect a few records yourself.

Yes, looking way back to the depths of 2005/2006, with iTunes in full swing, and peer to peer sharing sites still hanging on it looked like the physical medium for music was all but dead. By the numbers it was. In 2007 less than a million records were sold in the US. That’s when the Vinyl revolution took hold and by 2017 ten years later that number grew to greater than 14 million records sold. A greater than 1000% growth rate for a medium previously pronounced dead on numerous occasions. During that time the rise of the podcast also appeared with over 50 million North Americans regularly listening to podcasts. At the same time, the re-emergence and now craze that is the subscription box service appeared on the scene.

In 2018, 3 guys from BC are betting they can merge those three trends in something they are calling The VinylCast. With it’s launch happening now. They’ll soon find out if the idea has financial legs, and can be an innovative new piece of the Vinyl revolution.

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