Episode 137 – Gustavo Nobrega of Levare Research

Blockchain is one of those new kid on the block opportunities. A new and emerging sector with clear standards yet to be set. In many ways the potential of Blockchain can and likely eventually will change the backbone of how we handle data in just about every aspect of our life and economy.

The opportunity is huge, and if you can be the one who develops “The Standard,” you’ll be positioned for massive success. Gustavo Nobrega of Levare Research is working hard to be that guy.

Grow up 10,000 km, a hemisphere, a different country, culture and language away, spend your whole life in a City near Sao Paulo, Brazil before making a connection and finding the opportunity of a better life for his young family, and a massive opportunity to potentially be a big player in a rapidly emerging sector, all while living and enjoying your new life in The Kootenays? You Can Do That Here!


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