Episode 84 – How to persevere when charting a brand new course

Good Health. If there is one business that has a universal appeal to all humans, it’s a business that helps us all be happier and healthier people. As our good health and the foods and nutrients we consume continue to become more important in a world of “Food like products,” and as global connectivity continues to open up new offerings from around the globe, superfoods are the next great trend. As little as a couple of decades ago seeking out so called exotic plants from various ecosystems around the world would have likely meant physically going, seeking, finding and learning about them in person. In the information age, a trip to the Himalayan foothills in northern India is merely a few clicks away. Yes the opportunity to discover such plants and superfoods is now open to everyone with an internet connection and the time to spend seeking.

Miel and Kirk Dubeilewicz of Invermere, BC came across just such a superfood nearly 10 years ago that they hadn’t previously heard of or found available in Canada. It wasn’t just any food, it just so happened to be the most nutritious plant in the world, The Moringa tree. Starting out as consumers, and immediately noticing the health benefits themselves, the married couple and now business partners set out on an adventure to be one of the first companies to bring Moringa to the Canadian market. The short story? It wasn’t easy, but this inspiring energetic couple made it happen despite numerous roadblocks and setbacks they are now in the game and on their way to what they hope will be a happy, healthier and in their own personal case, a wealthier world.

Seek out the world’s most nutritious plant, survive through Health Canada’s regulatory process and be one of the first to bring a new product to a new market? You Can Do That Here.


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