Episode 46 – How to go from hobby filmmaker to producing TV commercials in 2 years with Eric Gonzalez

Prolific. Are you revving your creative engines and cranking out work?

There is a lot to be said for being prolific as a means of improving our craft and getting our name out there. We know from many applications that this is the best route to the end game of ultimate success. Yes practice makes perfect is something we have been taught over and over again for most of our lives. Quite simply, the more you do something. The better you get at it. Eventually you hit that magic point where the volume and quality of work you are putting out gets noticed and people are ready to start paying you for it.

If we know that why do we not often practice it in the business world?

Yes there can be fear of showing off our work, especially in the early days when it may not be completely perfect. Overcoming that however and simply getting out there into the marketplace with our products and abilities opens up the most important factor of all. Serendipity.

Eric Gonzales of Fruitvale is a young and prolific filmmaker who has followed just this formula. At 19 years of age he has only just made the leap into film as a business two years ago. In that time he has put out a whole load of work and made a name for himself with his use of drones. Since that time he has been noticed and gone from being asked to do his high school video announcement to now filming and producing a commercial for national TV. Eric is letting his talent, business sense and drones to fly him to entrepreneurial success.

See samples of Eric’s work here: www.gonzalezvideo.com/
This episode was supported by the British Columbia Innovation Council BCIC


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