Episode 51 – How to grow the digital manufacturing industry with Jason Taylor

The future economy. Every city and town is trying to grow it and attract the workers that will make it happen. With the advent of digital design and fabrication the need for the 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant is going the way of the dinosaur. Indeed new technology has allowed even the smallest towns to have high end digital fabrication technology at their fingertips. Yes the new manufacturing industry looks more like a home office or studio rather than big time machinery. The products of tomorrow will be shipped out as digital files rather than hard goods, that the customer can then print when and where they need them.

Jason Taylor is at the forefront of this new economy in The Kootenays. From a start as a 3d animator on the popular Reboot TV show through to the chair of New Media at Selkirk College as well as his own Digital fabrication business on the side, he has been both teaching the leaders of the new economy as well as working in it himself.

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