Episode 40 – How to Kickstart your ideas into products with Nelson Inventorpreneur Kaj Gyr

We are celebrating the 40th episode this week of the You Can Do That Here! podcast by bringing back one of our favourite guests who kicked it all off on episode 1. Kaj Gyr of Nelson BC is the epitome of the Kootenay Entrepreneur and is living out the life many of us haven’t even dreamed of.

Kaj’s job from an outside perspective is one of living life to the fullest whether paddle boarding, backcountry skiing or tobogganing with the kids. Be it recycling and drying plastic bags or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, Kaj is the persistent malcontent. Always wanting and seeing a better way he’s put together a remarkably success run of converting ideas into products, licensing 11 to big name manufacturers and running a few himself along the way. Primarily working in the sports realm his latest innovation comes from the breakfast table.

For his latest venture forward of many in progress, Kaj’s simple and ingenious design solution to bring a better cup of coffee to the masses is trying a new route. For the first time Kaj is crowdfunding his coffee gadget through Kickstarter and like the process thus far. Being Kaj however we also talked about a better way to do crowdfunding sites for designer/inventor/entrepreneurs like him.
View Kaj’s Kickstarter Campaign

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