Episode 32: Part 2 – How to rewrite the rules with Kootenay Country Craft Distillery

Imagine, after year of hard work expensive bills, research, preparation and pure grunt labour, you’ve been able to make a fantastic new product. Now imagine that to sell that product through the sales system set up by the government meant you actually lost money for every product you sold. It seems crazy right? Governments making more money off of entrepreneur’s products than the entrepreneurs themselves? That is exactly part of the battle the Kevin and Lora of Kootenay Country Craft Distillery have been facing and overcoming.

With the craft distillery market being so new in BC, those venturing forth into uncharted waters have found a host of prohibtionary laws left over that no longer make much sense in today’s market. Gathering together with other spirit makers around BC, Kevin and Lora are rewriting many of the rules as they go.
As we’ll learn, one of the keys to their success has been the love and support of a good spouse. Drinking their spirits cold and pure, following their passion, business is looking up and bottling whiskey is just around the corner.
Now let’s catch back up as Kevin gets off the phone with the provincial Minister for liquor control.


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