Episode 60 – How to turn emails home while travelling into a tech career

Content is king! You’ve heard it a million and one times. If you can find a niche that people are keen on, and produce great content you’re well on your way to developing a big audience you can then monetize. Some of the earliest forms of entertaining content were letters sent home from travellers out exploring and enjoying new locations. Yes travel writing has always been popular and remains so in the modern era. Today rather than carrier pigeons, the pony express and snail mail of all sorts, travel media has found a natural home on the web and remains one of the most popular content types.

In the mid 2000’s a couple of guys in Silicon Valley launched new online travel publication called Matador and a forum for travellers to connect. Carlo Alcos of Nelson, BC who happened to be traveling at the time, joined the forum and began reading articles. Shortly thereafter he thought “Hey I could write better articles than this!” Fast Forward eght years and he is the managing editor for the publication as well as director of an online school, breeding the next generation of content producers.

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