Episode 62 – How hard work and focus trumps raw talent with Maxwell Nicholson

What were you doing when you were 8 years old? Probably going to school, and playing with your friends I would imagine. How about at 13? More of the same perhaps? Maybe having the first idea of wanting to get a job? In your teenage years you were free of responsibility for the most part. You didn’t have a mortgage to pay, you didn’t have kids to feed, and you were free to play as you wished.

Now let’s think about some of the reasons we don’t start businesses when we’re older. Fear is the number one thing blocking most people. That fear stems often from the very real responsibility we pick up as we get older. Those mortgages that need paying and kids that need feeding.

Knowing that, it would seem that there is really no better time in our lives to take risks, go after what we love, and start our own business than when we’re in our teen years. Of course to do that one would need whole lot of focus and drive not often found until later in life.

Maxwell Nicholson is an anomaly in this case. He had that focus, drive and determination from a young age. It started by winning sales competitions at eight years old and continued on into launching his first business at the age of 13. Now in business school at UVIC, he’s also a recent winner of the Junior Dragon’s Den Contest and on his way to making big things happen. Yes this now 18 year old from Grand Forks, BC is wise beyond his years and there is much that any entrepreneur of any age can and should learn from him. I connected with Maxwell via Skype to hear his inspiring tale and learn how we can all up our games to keep up with this teenager on the road to success.

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