Episode 21 – How to leave your job and bring your clients with you featuring Aerin and Jimmy Guy of Space Race Digital

I quit. At some point all true entrepreneurs must break the bond between their future and the comfort and security of their job. How that exit is made can often determine the trajectory of what comes next.

There is no right or wrong answer, but certain routes may make setting up your own shop easier or more difficult. You could take the YouTube sensation route and film your “I quit video,” for all to see online. You could simply walk out and never look back or, you could do such a great job at your company that your bosses wish you well on your departure, and you bring a host of your previous clients with you. That’s how you lift off of the launch pad at top speed.

Aerin and Jimmy Guy of SpaceRace Digital, now living in Rossland BC, met as ESL teachers in Taiwan. They later worked in education technology & marketing . Their frustration grew as the companies they worked for began feeling like a ball and chain holding them back from the new ideas they wanted to pursue.

Five years later, they successfully launched SpaceRace Digital, and made the move from big city to small town living, doing so seamlessly. I sat down with Aerin and Jimmy to talk about their start up story, striking out on their own, and the digital space race they’re competing in.


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