Success Story
Dusk Building Systems
Posted in: Columbia Valley, BC

In 2006 the three Mose brothers started Dusk Building Systems in the Columbia Valley. Two brothers, Sheldon and Wade Mose already lived in the valley working in construction and their brother Keith had owned and operated a successful business in the Alberta oil patch building oil rigs. Today Dusk is an expert in every aspect of the wood framing and manufacturing process. They have the capacity to supply complete wall panel, engineered floor and roof truss systems. The full-service backing of on-site framing crews makes Dusk the “go to” people for any wood framing/manufacturing project.

Dusk Building Systems could be successful anywhere in Canada but the Columbia Valley provides the under-40 brothers and their young families with a healthy lifestyle perfectly suited to their shared passion for the outdoors.

Their start was simple: the brothers decided to combine their skills and bid on two commercial framing projects, the Blackforest Village development and Sable condominium project in Radium Hot Springs. Their timing was perfect; the Columbia Valley was experiencing a building boom so they quickly became successful and known in the marketplace for quality workmanship and business integrity. Despite market fluctuations in 2008, the brothers have continued to succeed by virtue of their hard work, their willingness to adapt to become more efficient, diversification of their products and services, and their ability to provide great service and deliver a superior product.

Due to the comparatively mild climate in the Columbia Valley, Dusk Building Systems is able to operate year-round, providing product and installation services within a 600-km radius of the Columbia Valley. They provide fulltime year-round employment to 35 people. With their team of valued employees, today Dusk is proud to be the largest framing/manufacturing company in the Kootenay region.

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